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3 травня 2015

Data Analyst (вакансія неактивна)


Data Analyst will be responsible for research, definition and creation of various data problems (models) supporting Architect, CTO and Product teams. Data Analyst will be responsible for testing of various hypothesis by extracting the data and then analyzing it. He/she should be able to write up reports about his/her analysis and communicate them to the interested stake holders. Preferred candidate should be proficient in English, have a computer’s/advance mathematics science degree and have the following hard and soft skills that are required.

Technical Skills:

1. A basic knowledge of statistics and a rigorous understanding of Machine Learning. Most problems will not look at more than descriptive analysis (means, medians, significance).

2. Computer skills that are useful are a Querying Language (SQL), a scripting Language (Python, Matlab), a Statistical Language (R, SAS, SPSS), and a Spreadsheet (Excel).

3. Understanding of the Unix operating system and MySQL databases

4. Experience with a report generating software.

Soft Skills

1. Defining the problem and narrowing the analysis down. Balancing the demands on data Analyst time to reduce infinite what-if scenarios and understanding the requestor’s needs, requires good communication and understanding of the business needs. Avoid agreeing to deliver too much information that will be not useful to solving the core issues.

2. Knowing the audience. There is a different presentation required for an Architect, Client or a CTO. As a Data Analyst, he/she will be required to answer to all. A typical request from Architect will require more collaborative interaction with more scenarios spelled out and a less polished presentation. A Product Officer will be looking for a specific recommendation in a small polished presentation or generated report.

3. Delivery. Have a great presentation skills.