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Unitask Group Ukraine

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Киев, Haifa, 3309502, Israel, Haifa

The Unitask Group was established in 1994 in Israel with an emphasis on innovation and professionalism.
The global IT services company specializes in the integration, development, and assimilation of innovative data and computer solutions as a means for achieving business goals. We provide solutions for process management, information, and knowledge that strengthen the operating infrastructure and control tools in the organization, thus enabling the creation of competitive advantage, growth, and increased profitability.
We are partnering with leading companies such as Amazon and SAP. This partnership has proven to be of great value to our customers. Apart from that, we are an SAP, a Qlik, a Microsoft, and a Salesforce Gold partner. Also, the company is considered a world leader in Oracle business solutions.
The Unitask Group has six subsidiaries that complement each other, providing our customers with innovative and comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on professionalism in their field.


Oracle ERP cloud solutions

The field of cloud-based ERP is innovative and groundbreaking, and Oracle’s solutions are in the lead.
Unitask currently provides professional advice and guidance to its customers in their transition to cloud-based systems, using tools and methodologies that support the entire process from analysis, application, and implementation to the integration and automation of ERP processes in the organization.

HCM Cloud-Based Human Resource Management

Unitask offers an innovative and high-quality solution that supports all human resources aspects in one cloud-based platform.
Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system is easy to operate and implement and does not require multiple vendor agreements — a one-stop-shop. In addition, this cloud-based system provides the most advanced technology in the field to businesses that were previously unable to implement Oracle’s solutions.
This convenient and easy-to-use platform is available to the entire organization (employees, managers, and human resources) from any device at any time, enabling smart and friendly management of human capital, relieving human resource managers from administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on management.

BI — Business Intelligence

Unitask assists organizations in leveraging their raw data, using a strategic organizational map and sophisticated BI tools to support decision-making processes.
Unitask’s BI service enables strategic mapping of the organization, as well as gathering and managing information using BI tools.
We create solutions that turn raw data into useful and meaningful information that supports decision-making in the organization, using successfully tested and proven tools and methods.


Unitask provides DevOps solutions according to the highest requirements in the market: expertise in all required fields of knowledge such as development, IT, databases, control, and monitoring tools and more. These capabilities create a culture and an environment in which creating, testing and releasing software versions can be done quickly, more often and most reliably.

Application Managed Services

Unitask relieves its customers from the ongoing operational concerns of all legacy applications and takes on full operational responsibility to enable the organization and its IT people to focus on core business operations.
Unitask’s Application Managed Services division is the largest in Israel, specializing in Oracle applications. It is comprised of skilled and experienced professionals in a variety of fields, including systems analysts, developers, quality testers and others.
Our division has proven experience in Global Managed Services methodologies, including management of organizational change and handling of the human aspect in collaboration with human resources executives, as well as full responsibility for knowledge transference and setting goals and indices.
This combination of capabilities is unique to our Application Managed Services’ division, enabling us not only to relieve IT staff from ongoing operational responsibilities but to also improve the level of service to applications and their users.

Development Centers — Near Shore / Off-shore

The Unitask development center supports information systems/application projects, specializes in modernizing systems while adapting them to changing technological realities, and provides development services in a variety of programming languages for all tools and all systems: Oracle, SAP, .NET, BI, HTML and more.
We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, high quality products with maximum flexibility. We have a brilliant professional team, efficient processes and methods, and a unique and exclusive testing systems that ensures a perfect product and solution for each and every customer. With our abilities and reputation, we stand behind each development and provide a lifetime warranty.

Consulting and Implementation — Expert Services

Unitask provides a comprehensive service for the mapping and implementation of system assimilation processes with a deep understanding of customer needs.
We operate out of a comprehensive perspective, business orientation and technological innovation in order to provide our customers with complete solutions. We examine the range of options and choose the one that best serves our client and promotes their agenda.
We have vast experience in a wide range of industries and fields (pharmaceuticals, security, biotechnology and more) with many customized solutions.
From single projects to comprehensive on-site management, we provide a complete suite of solutions and services that enable us to support customer systems throughout their entire life cycle, including all necessary changes.


As a service provider and experienced solution provider, we at Unitask know how efficient outsourcing can be, with the right candidate at the right place and time. To this end, we provide our clients with our vast experience and high skill in affecting the perfect placement.
A combination of understanding technological and organizational needs along with extensive expertise in recruiting and managing human resources enables us to characterize, locate and make available to our clients the most suitable candidates for each job.


Unitask is considered one of the leading companies in the world of business solutions. This is the only company in Israel whose engineers have developed unique solutions implemented by the world’s largest organizations, making work processes with oracle applications easy and simple.

IConduct created a Cloud Integration platform that supports ever-changing business requirements, by simplifying cross-platform process integration in a hybrid environment.
Founded by Information Systems experts with decades of implementation and integration experience, IConduct was established to answer a real, everyday need. After witnessing the decentralization of traditional Information Systems, we saw the chaos and the need for simple integration and created a solution that was business focused and technologically enabled.
The IConduct Self Service Integration platform unifies all entities and attributes of all business applications into a single, web-based dashboard, that can operate as a cloud service, on-premise or hybrid solution. The platform supports all enterprise, legacy and cloud base business applications, and eliminates coding on both the source and target application.
With a secured agent, full in-memory data handling, and active transaction monitoring, this integration platform provides the best performance, ultimate security, and the confidence that all applications are communicating seamlessly and flawlessly.

INNOVA is a premium level provider of: SAP implementation, Consulting, SAP Development and Technologies services for enterprise organizations. At INNOVA we embrace a futuristic business model and culture that help organizations grow while driving flexible innovations that shape tomorrow’s IT and business trends.

WEDO is a one-stop-shop delivery company, providing the most innovative Customer Experience software solutions by Oracle and Salesforce.
Combining experience and comprehensive cross capabilities, as well as working with the world’s successful companies — WEDO collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and to perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.

UniCloud Ltd. is a cloud service enablement company, Okta Value Added Distributor in Israel. The force behind the company is more than 100 years of experience in the IT market. We are focused on identity management automation, connectivity and processes management.

Copera was founded to spearhead the adoption of modern cloud-based IT services, focusing on cloud enablement and IT as a service.
Innovative technology and strategic direction have led Copera to a recognized position of leadership in providing cutting-edge cloud, productivity solutions, and services to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

We are proud of our finest IT talents who drive our clients to success. For 25 years Unitask has maintained a high level of professionalism, quality solutions, and excellent service.

We invite you to join our friendly team!

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