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Unit Space is a company where the combination of creativity, ideas, and furthermore advanced and up-to-date technologies live along with our customers’ needs and business targets.

The company has been launched in 2017 as a custom software development team that aimed to pursue new challenges and provide high quality, working not for customers, but first of all with them.

Understanding these principles moved Unit Space to one of the best companies on the market with a proven record of successfully delivering projects.

But, will this affect increase, if we can proudly say that we are oriented on outsourcing but also staff augmentation with full-cycle of delivery, starting from onboarding and ending to delivering the final product with the best quality that could be expected (we use international practices/standards to increase the quality of everything that we are doing nor providing).

So, what can we offer for you to make your ideas real and make the business grow?
Our team successfully launched more than 120 corporate, enterprise, and government projects In the USA, Ukraine, Israel, France, Germany, Norway, UK, Singapore, and other countries. We are aiming to have as much expertise as we can, but Unit Space firstly is people and we cannot be perfect in every industry, so decided to focus on industries and services to provide like:

Crypto & NFT


B2B, B2C, B2G

Real Estate

Retail & Delivery



Social Networks

Smart city

5G & MEC

It does not mean that we are not interested in challenging projects or tasks, just that in these industries we will provide not 100% but all 200% of our competencies.

Please welcome our full range of software development services:

Blockchain(Ethereum, EOS, Solana, Cardano): NFT Marketplaces, Smart Contracts, Custom Blockchains, Wallet, Exchanges, DeFi, White Paper & Tokenomics.

Front-End: React.js, Vue.js, Angular

Backend: Node.js, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Rust, C++, Solidity,

Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native

Design: UX, UI, Branding

DevOps Services: AWS, GCP, Azure