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Unilimes Group

до 20 специалистов

Unilimes Group is a progressive and creative team that knows that the future is in 3D visualization! We make every effort to ensure that your applications look favorable in conditions of rapid technological development. Constantly working on the edge of technology we are doing our best to make impressive mobile and desktop applications available in your browser!
3D technologies help to visualize user desires and help them make decisions faster. What do we mean? Imagine that you want to model your unique pair of shoes and order it, to look at a hotel room in another country using a 3D tour, to place a model of an overall piece of furniture in your room and evaluate the result, to create a design for repair in your house using a 3D editor and even to put a tattoo sketch on our own skin with the help of AR — all of this items are the tasks that we perform for our partners every day.

Our technologies

We create 3D magic using the following technologies:
— Three.js, Babylone.js, PlayCanvas (frameworks based on webGL), GLSL Shaders for amazing 3D scenes;
— Pixi.js, D3 — for cool animations;
— Unity and Unreal Engine to get magic even on the phones;
— React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js to have smart UI for your sites;
— TensorFlow, keras, numpy, opencv to make your service clever with ML;

Our distinguishing feature is that we are not afraid of complex tasks. Also, we are not afraid of integration with various CMS, so our portfolio has applications integrated with WP, SilverStripe and Shopify.
The Unilimes Group also includes backend team, UI design team and 3D design team, so by working with us you can get a range of work without hiring third-party vendors.

So why we’re so cool:

— We are always open to complex projects and even new technologies for us.
— We’re doing our best to be always available for you, despite the difference between timezones.
— We are excellent team players and are always happy to take part in the development of the project together with your team.
— We take payment for the project only when the client is completely satisfied with the result!
— We are always open to offers for outstaff.
— We are always ready to offer you extraordinary functionality, even when you do not know what exactly you want!