UnderDefense is a global IT/Cybersecurity company, a pure Ukrainian Startup success story 🇺🇦 with representative offices in the USA, Poland and Malta. We started as a service company, but at the moment we are actively developing our own product.

The company was founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 2017 and started just with our CEO Nazar Tymoshyk and 4 of his students! The office was in the basement of Nazar’s flat. Over the last 6 years the team has grown from 4 to over 100 people and the basement turned into a cosy office in Kulparkivska Street.

Why you should join us:
🔥 We are a great Ukrainian product company. A startup Success story.
🧡 With us, you are in safety: no lay-offs since the beginning of the war.
🔝 Over the last year, our team has grown 40%.
📚 We have an internship program: the best are hired.
🌎 We promote Waste Recycling in our office.
🎓 We have a leadership development program in LvBS.
💫 We care about our people and offer a wide range of bonuses (underdefense.com/careers) and unique benefit packages.
🤝 We have over 122 active clients and among them Accedian, Betsson Group, YayPay, Miratech, OKKO, Clario, etc. Also, our partners are such giants as Microsoft, Splunk, AWS and others.
🇺🇦 We actively support our Armed Forces of Ukraine ($500 000): every day our Volunteering Group works hard to provide our soldiers with tablets, weapons, vehicles, specific equipment, etc. On a regular basis, we donate a considerable amount of money to make the victory happen sooner.

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