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21...80 специалистов

We are an analytical EdTech company which grows experts, conducts high-quality market research and improves the quality of modern online education, making knowledge more accessible to people around the world.
We take all the best from advanced technologies, traditional science and successful marketing, and combine all this in our project, so we expect to create a truly unique product.

It’s the time when education has no limits. Information technologies will make it possible to release the mental reserves by redirecting them to develop the ability to create, think, analyze, discuss and, finally, make the right decisions.
We are working hard to turn these words into our reality tomorrow.

We develop a platform to fulfill all these needs. This is our own product which will be launched soon, and next, we will be working on its improving: creating new functionality, adding features, developing apps for other platform than our web app, working with big data and using machine learning, expanding to new markets... This list can be continued forever.

We offer you:
— A challenging project in a rapidly growing niche, which requires a lot of creativity;
— Competitive remuneration based on your requirements, skills, and experience; -
— A strong team of professionals;
— The office in the Pechersk district;
— Providing everything you need for comfortable and productive work.

Become a part of our team, become a part of the global EdTech future!