Uklon — найпопулярніший український сервіс шеринга поїздок. Ми продуктова IT-компанія, що розробляє та підтримує одну з найбільших інфраструктур на українському ринку, забезпечуючи взаємодію водія та пасажира в межах здійснюваних поїздок.
13 марта 2020

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) / VP of Engineering


Необходимые навыки

— 10+ years of experience in Software Engineering.
— 7+ years in Engineering Management.
— Knowledge of multiple programming languages. Nice to have: strong background in .NET.
— Experience building products with microservices architecture.
— Experience designing and shipping high-load and scalable systems.
— Deep understanding of the DevOps best practices, automated testing and continuous delivery.
— Experience leading projects with multiple teams (knowledge of strategies to manage cross-team dependencies and priorities).
— Creative, positive and flexible approach to work and ability to work on a tight schedule.
— Ability to be a team player, a mentor, a leader.
— Strong sense of ownership, proactive approach to solving problems.


— Create, control and implement technical strategy for all IT products of the company.
— Ensure all the speed of development and quality are at the highest possible level.
— Provide reliable architectural solutions and promote the best practices and processes.
— Choose technologies, taking into account financial and technical implications. Estimate project deadlines and complexity.
— Conduct technical review of the new systems to ensure the common errors are avoided and architecture is future proof.
— Ensure day-to-day team management, including staff recruitment, training and development, performance management. Create an environment encouraging innovation, high productivity and quality.

Goals for six months:

— Develop company’s technical strategy and a “road map” for its implementation. Coordinate with technical leads and line management.
— The strategy should describe technologies, methodologies, and processes that will enable the business to implement new functionality and launch new products quickly. Moreover, it should be flexible to allow for changing tactical goals.
— Implement the practice (if there are business challenges) allowing to implement technical solutions quickly and without sacrificing quality.
— Implement operational practices to minimize service disruptions and downtime.

О проекте

Leading Ukrainian ridesharing service Uklon is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to help us with our growing product range and global expansion and to lead our company’s products development. Uklon develops and maintains one of the biggest infrastructures on Ukrainian market, ensuring smooth interaction between drivers and riders.

Uklon develops its own applications and websites through which users can order a car and drivers can receive an order; its own internal process management system (CRM); its own mapping service and its own solution to integrate with payment providers; and a number of other services.

Uklon team always applies the up-to-date technologies and methodologies, implements intelligent tools, and aspires to always be a leader in its field. The products are built using the microservices architecture and cloud computing.

We are looking for an expert motivated to achieve the company goals and work with our team to implement the company’s strategy. We are looking for a leader with positive and flexible approach to work, who is able to perform on a tight schedule, work with a team, coordinate and motivate it, and be a mentor.

If you are looking for an ambitious product company focused on development and global expansion, interested in latest technologies and ready to further improve your expertise, join Uklon team.

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