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We are a talented and creative digital agency “Uinno” created and led by experts with extensive experience in development, architecture, design, and management of digital solutions for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.
5 октября 2020

Frontend Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Запорожье $1000–3000

Необходимые навыки

● Good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6+) & TypeScript;
● Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (LESS/SASS);
● Knowledge of at least one of SPA libs/frameworks (React, Vue, Angular);
● Proficient understanding of VCS (Git);
● Experience with responsive & mobile design.

Будет плюсом

● Good English communication skills;
● Knowledge of Jira and other collaboration tools;
● Experience with server-side rendering, PWA, build tools (webpack);
● Experience with TDD and test tools (jest, mocha).


● Great office location in the center of Zaporizhzhia and great office conditions;
● Flexible working hours;
● Adequate management;
● A decent salary level with regular review;
● Team-building activities;
● Paid vacation and sick leave.

О проекте

We are looking for a dedicated and efficient Frontend software engineer with more than 2 years of commercial experience in software development. The best candidate will have analytical and problem-solving skills to create dynamic, optimized, adaptable applications.
As a part of our crew, you will be responsible for setting up, designing and development of clients’ web applications, with a focus on the building of a user-friendly and responsive user interface.
This is a great opportunity to work with our friendly team, in collaboration with the Backend team, QAs, and UX/UI designers, on many fascinating projects and be involved in architecture design and development as well.