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Udrive Tech is an IT product company developing services for the gig-economy industry since 2016. We focus primarily on the ride-hailing, food tech, logistics markets. Our services boost drivers’ and couriers’ effectiveness giving an opportunity for car fleets, investors and gig platforms to build a successful business. We are partners with Uber, Bolt, Rocket, Didi.

Our products:
Udrive. App is a service for gig-workers. The mobile app connects 100 000+ gig workers including drivers and couriers with gig-platforms. It also provides a variety of cashback opportunities enabling users to save money on fuel, car leasing, insurance, fitness and other services vital for gig workers’ daily routine.

Udrive. Pro is a web job search service for gig workers, in particular for taxi drivers, couriers of delivery services. It also enables car fleets’ owners to post their offers for leads making the process of a job search easier and more convenient.

Fleetbox is a popular ERP system for car fleets. It’s a web app that automates and simplifies the major processes, increases work effectiveness and also revenue. Fleetbox is integrated with Uber, Bolt, Didi, Rocket. It’s a perfect solution for analysis, marketing, an increase of drivers and cars effectiveness.

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