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11 липня 2022 GameDev

Senior 3D Artist

Київ, віддалено

Job Description

The Artist will be in charge of producing, optimizing and revising 3D assets for runtime/real-time purposes. He/she will work closely with Concept Artists, Game Designers, Gameplay Programmers and Animators to integrate the work into the game and verify that all the elements interact properly.


  • Create assets and textures in line with the project’s artistic and technical direction (references, documents, etc.).
  • Integrate assets and textures produced in the game engine.
  • Verify the quality of his work once imported into the game, and make improvements when necessary.
  • Able to communicate with the level designers and modify the objects to their requirements.
  • Use specific project tools in order to achieve best results and meet deadlines.
  • Efficiently uses the texture space and takes into consideration the pixel ratio.
  • Determine the objects and environments required and adjust the work according to the story and the gameplay (Game Design documents).
  • Able to fast learn technical constraints of platforms, engines and software.
  • Understand and apply graphic principles.
  • Use artistic references to improve visuals.
  • Able to take a painted concept and turn it into realistic 3D model.
  • Able to micro plan and time estimate his work.


  • Experience in 3D modeling (low poly, high poly, normal map extraction) 3D Studio Max
  • Experience in creating PBR materials
  • 2D skills — Adobe Photoshop proficient (ability to create tillable and specific textures)
  • Good notion of proportions and a good eye for the detail
  • Able to fast learn technical constraints of platforms, engines, and software
  • Able to take a painted concept and turn it into a realistic 3D model
  • Able to micro plan and time estimate his work.

Desirable (optional):

  • Interior and hard surface Modelling and Texturing is a plus
  • Rigging and Animation is a plus
  • Knowledge of Z brush is considered a plus
  • Understanding of real-time computing constraints is a plus
  • Basic gameplay and level design knowledge.