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20 сентября 2021

Tech Lead Unity Programmer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Experience with Unity in the software development industry;
Relevant experience as Tech Lead;
Extensive knowledge of Unity programming and debugging;
Strong understanding of multithreaded/parallel programming;
Good oral and written communication in English;

Experience in C# and optimizing code;
Experience in gameplay, AI, and design (the main character, cameras, NPCs, environment, behaviors);
Proficiency to communicate with all disciplines and to support and elevate subordinates in terms of quality and technical vision of the game;
Experience working with Unity and its latest tech;
Experience as part of subordinates that has shipped a video game is an asset;
Experience developing on video-game consoles or mobile devices;

Будет плюсом

Experience in working with Unity DOTS ( ECS/Jobs/Burst) and C++ is a huge plus;
Knowledge and experience in the shooter genre and network replication is a plus


Ubisoft is committed to enriching players’ lives with original and memorable gaming experience. We create worlds where people can express themselves, explore and discover new possibilities.
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Oversee technical mandates and above them per necessity;
Be a reference for subordinates for all technical issues;
Work as a senior programmer and help program high-risk elements;
Be proactive in suggesting enhancements and technological choices;
Assess performances regularly and optimize systems whenever necessary;
Resolve the most complex technical issues;
Be a mentor;
Advice and suggest corrective measures to meet project objectives whenever necessary;
Work with technical directors and Leads from other working units (design, graphic design, animation, sound, etc.) to ensure the efficiency of the systems that are used by other subordinates;
Carry out performance assessments in collaboration with subordinates and all other related tasks.

О проекте

When you’re a Tech Lead Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft, you have direct influence over the quality of the game that will end up in the players’ hands; there is a tangible link between your work and the player experience. You are entrusted with coding the interactive systems that make the game.

With every new iteration, you commit yourself to answer the most fundamental questions: Will the player enjoy this? Does it feel right? Is it AAA quality? You’re an avid gamer who cares about the player experience.

The Technical Lead will be the resource for technical-technological issues in his field of expertise. He is a technical specialist who will assess issues and be accountable for the technological choices and performances of the systems in which he is specialized. The incumbent will continue to produce code and define best practices in his/her field of proficiency.