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Ubisoft is one of the leaders in entertainment, with a rich portfolio of well-known brands worldwide. In Ukraine Ubisoft has two studios, Ubisoft Kyiv and Ubisoft Odesa, which focus on strengthening Ubisoft’s presence on all platforms, with the main expertize in PC.
3 ноября 2020

Unity Mobile Programmer


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Job Description:
When you’re a 3D Programmer at Ubisoft, you connect with our players on two of the most basic aspects of a game: its visuals and its performance. Your exceptional maths skills, your sharp eye for visual detail and your knowledge of GPUs allow you to write a game’s most fundamental code and deliver a stunning visual experience.
As a dependable member of a larger production team, you collaborate with colleagues from a range of disciplines who depend on you for quickly getting something that is clear and good looking up on the screen. You work well with technical artists, transforming their requirements into efficient, working code.
Essentially, what you care about is image quality; you’re probably a photography or cinematography buff. You have a good understanding of the physics of lighting and a working knowledge of physically based shading. You use these passions, skills and knowledge to create striking work, and are eager for your colleagues’ feedback.

• Extensive Knowledge of Unity, best practices and workflows.
• Experience extending Unity Editor and implementing custom tools.
• Good understanding of graphics programming (for video-game consoles or mobile a huge plus) or related experience
• Experience with Unity ShaderLab / HLSL
• A proficiency to communicate with all disciplines and to support and elevate the team in terms of visuals
• Passion for automating cumbersome work and defining clear workflows.
• Experience of working with or knowledge of Blender/3DMax/Maya is a big plus
• Experience with Data-Oriented Paradigm and Unity’s DOTS is a plus
• You have an understanding of how a GPU works and the data flow through the rendering pipeline
• A thorough grasp of memory management & multithreaded programming techniques
• Experience developing on video-game consoles or mobile platforms and in performance optimization for consoles or mobile platforms
• Willingness to continue learning — new technologies, engines, rendering techniques, programming languages, you name it

Personal qualities:
• Good oral and written communication in English;
• Being comfortable with debugging unfamiliar code;
• Autonomous and proactive attitude, results-oriented;
• Updating job knowledge proactively;
• Capacity to produce efficient software design;
• Flexibility and ability to adapt to change;
• Problem-solving and open-minded;
• Sense of initiative, attention to details;
• Working well in a team environment;
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills,
• Analytical and synthesis skills;


Ubisoft offers:
• International AAA game projects
• Access to cutting-edge hardware
• Experience using the hottest internally developed game engines
• Proficient and fun-to-work-with colleagues
• Opportunity to travel abroad
• Medical / Life insurance
• English / French courses
• Long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation


• Developing graphics tools and tests to validate or find optimizations for mobile devices
• Writing and optimizing “ShaderLab” HLSL vertex and fragment shaders that run on the GPU
• Working closely with tech artists, animators and VFX artists to provide everything necessary for their work and make their life easier by automating repetitive manual tasks, providing intuitive and easy to work with tools, designing and implementing workflows and pipelines for authoring content
• Profiling the application to identify bottlenecks preventing the game from rendering smoothly
• Aiding in optimizing any code in the application to ensure the application renders smoothly
• Implementing new graphics features and exposing these to gameplay C# code
• Optimizing or extending the C# (or C++ potentially) code that implements the rendering pipeline

О проекте

Ubisoft is one of the leaders in entertainment, with a rich portfolio of well-known brands worldwide. In Ukraine, Ubisoft has two studios, Ubisoft Kyiv and Ubisoft Odesa, which focus on strengthening Ubisoft’s presence on all platforms, with the main expertize in PC. Ubisoft Kyiv was established in 2008 and is one of the biggest GameDev studios in Ukraine that collaborated on blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed®, Far Cry®, Steep®, Watch Dogs®, Trials®, Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon ® and more. Ubisoft Odesa was opened in March 2018 and takes part in the development of Ubisoft’s world-known franchises.

Ubisoft is committed to enriching players’ lives with original and memorable gaming experience. We create worlds where people can express themselves, explore and discover new possibilities.
Are you looking to work with enthusiastic experts who are tackling game-changing challenges in entertainment and beyond? At Ubisoft, we offer an open environment where bright ideas are given a chance to shine and everyone is eager to share knowledge.

Challenge accepted?


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