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Ubisoft is one of the leaders in entertainment, with a rich portfolio of well-known brands worldwide. In Ukraine Ubisoft has two studios, Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Odesa, which focus on strengthening Ubisoft’s presence on all platforms, with the main expertize in PC.
8 октября 2019



Необходимые навыки

• Expert in project management methodologies (Agile,Waterfall);
• Expert in software development metrics, quality metrics, quality process;
• Expert in team tracking, process improvement;
• Track of success as team lead;
• Expert in video games industry;
• Expert in PC gaming;
• Expert in game design in general and creative processes;
• Good knowledge of project management/looking to learn;
• Advanced business English.

Personal Qualities:

• You are always on top of latest news related to your profession, posting on forums, blog, reading professional magazines and books, take classes or teach others;
• You are genuinely curious and interested in people, their thoughts, their interests and you love to ask millions of questions;
• You find it easy and exciting to reach for new contacts and network with other professionals in your field;
• You believe that there is always one more question to ask;
• You’d find it inspiring to combine and build on other’s ideas and give them recognition in the process;
• You feel you must finish what you start and you are crazy about polishing all the rough edges to make the end result perfect;
• You don’t expect to be told what to do, but rather be on top of your own game.


• International AAA game projects;
• Access to cutting-edge hardware;
• Experience using hottest internally developed game engines;
• Proficient and fun-to-work-with colleagues;
• Opportunity to travel abroad;
• Medical / Life insurance;
• English / French courses;
• Long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation.


• Leading game project teams to a high-quality outcome, as the responsible producer;
• Planning projects based on business goals, continuously updating these plans and mitigating risk;
• Tracking project progress and communicating it to stakeholders, taking immediate corrective actions to keep the project on track;
• Continuous improvement of internal processes, together with other producers. Possibly overseeing the work of other producers.

О проекте

Kiev-based Ubisoft game studio is looking for a highly motivated and hard working Producer. The ideal candidate has a high interest and experience in video game project management, either as a producer or assistant producer on one or more game projects. Must-have traits include the skills and experience to independently plan and schedule tasks based on defined project goals, and the ability to lead a team to the successful execution of such goals.

If you want to see your name in credits of Ubisoft’s games. Excited by the idea of communicating with IT professionals from all over the world. Passionate about technology and video games.

Join Ubisoft Kiev Studio and become “Serious about fun” together with us!