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TwinCore is a smart and friendly software development company with a focus on Microsoft .NET. We create cloud-based web applications and software tools for business across all the world.

Area of expertise

  • Create Web, Cloud, SaaS projects from scratch based on best practices
  • Improving existing systems written on .NET
  • Performance optimization based on stress tests
  • Planning and management
  • Analyze potential security risks of web/desktop applications

Used technologies:

  • Back-end: .NET Core, ASP.NET, Web API, WCF, TPL, SignalR
  • UI: AngularJS, Angular, React, KnockoutJS
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, AWS
  • ORM: Entity Framework, Dapper, NHibernate
  • DB: MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • CI: TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Testing: NUnit, XUnit
  • SCM: GIT, Microsoft TFS, subversion