Turnkey Lender

81...200 спеціалістів
Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, UK, Ukraine

Turnkey Lender is a fast growing multi-national product-oriented company specializing in the development of professional software for banks, financial and lending institutions worldwide. We work on the next generation tools empowering innovative companies to increase financial inclusion and make credit available to ordinary people and small businesses through new generation technologies such as online lending, blockchain, social network scoring, big data, mobile scoring. We’re a fast moving and highly skilled team designing and building online and mobile lending products our customers and their borrowers love.

Our recruitment policy is aimed at long term partner relationships with employees. The democratic atmosphere in the company will allow you to adopt an entrepreneurial approach, bring forward suggestions, implement your ideas, assume responsibility, be involved in company projects, increase their proficiency and bring the highest standards of financial technologies world-wide. You can expect a real investment in your professional growth. We offer the position in the environment where all employees can optimally apply their abilities and skills, experience and hobbies that allow building a remarkable career. 83% of the company’s managers have grown inside the company.

Turnkey Lender is listed among the Top FinTech companies; its software products won innovation awards from governments and independent experts, it has offices in 5 countries and clients in more than 40 countries worldwide with client portfolio growing from month to month. Our system is scaling globally, highly available, and “just works”. We welcome those who are willing to prove themselves within a company of talented individuals.