TurnKey was founded in 2019, though the management team has been building remote teams since 2008. Our mission is to reimagine how remote product teams operate in order to help fuel the next global wave of innovation. TurnKey’s values are simple, and apply equally to both TurnKey employees and customers.
25 сентября 2020

NodeJS Tech Lead (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

About the product

ResNet is an Intelligent Flow Assurance platform designed to provide a multi-disciplinary, integrated, “one-stop-shop” for production surveillance. To do so, ResNet strives to aggregate, standardize, and curate all necessary databases & systems, as well as providing access to the Kelvin (automation service provider partner/portfolio company) automation application platform. In doing so, ResNet is first-mover on:
1. a Production operating system
2. an app store where users can not only install, deploy, monitor, and interact with different automation applications, but also co-develop their own applications (Apple App Store model).

Our main customers are Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) companies. Within E&Ps, our users will encompass the entire production organization — office engineers, field engineers, field personnel, internal customers (different departments — such as Land, Marketing & Midstream, Drilling, Completions, etc.), management, and the executive team.

Our engineering philosophy

We organize into small cross-functional teams that are deeply focused on one product or initiative. These teams are empowered to make product and technology decisions and quickly build the best solutions for our users. Our team will consist of Tech Lead and a Designer. We lean heavily on automation, good test coverage, and continuous deployment to ensure we’re constantly getting rapid feedback from our users, and follow the approach of starting small, shipping often, and deferring unnecessary complexity.
We believe that we build better products when our teammates have a variety of perspectives and experiences, so we care a lot about creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Since our Tech Leads are in a position of leadership, it’s particularly important that they care about those things, too.

Our Tech Lead’s primary responsibilities are to build significant systems and features, to think about how he can help their team hit their goals, to balance speed and tech debt and to ensure long-term health of the team and systems. He is an experienced and well-rounded engineer with significant depth in at least one part of the stack. He cares about our users and our product and can make meaningful contributions to the direction of the product, in partnership with the CEO and Designers. Tech Lead also helps to ensure the overall architectural integrity of ResNet’s systems through participating in cross-team design decisions and identifying technical obstacles and opportunities that impact the engineering team as a whole.

You will:
➤ Architect, develop, and maintain an insight-to-action product for Oil & Gas engineers
➤ Crafting technical specs, writing readable and extensible code, and keeping tabs on post-release metrics
➤ Design fault-tolerant systems that can scale, and allow us to move quickly without impacting customer access
➤ Responsible for designing & developing the MVP, as well as helping CEO manage whatever additional future hires/resources you may need for future development
➤ Partner with a CEO to shape the roadmap of your product
➤ Responsible (together with the team members) for the Infrastructure platform, up-time, architecture & scale
➤ Take a major part in our strategic growth — technology and process-wise

It’d be great if you also:
➤ Investigate and address issues with performance, scalability, and maintainability
➤ Participate in code reviews
➤ Mentor and guide engineers on best practices

We’re looking for engineers who:
➤ Have experience leading an engineering team
➤ Experience with AWS
➤ Solid OOP patterns knowledge
➤ Domain Driven Development
➤ Data aggregation software development experience
➤ Possess good judgment on making technical tradeoffs
➤ Enjoy moving products forward quickly, but want to work at a sustainable pace—we avoid burnout so we can build a business with long-term value
➤ Have in-depth experience building web products
➤ Experience DB’s (e.g. MongoDB, PostgreSQL) as a plus
➤ Experience in React as a plus

Note: The tech lead role requires enough experience to be able to lead a team and design large complex features and systems, but we care much more about abilities and attitude than a specific number of years of experience.

BOOM! Bonus Points

➤ Personal notebook with appropriate specs to perform your work (MacBook Pro or similar)
➤ Private health insurance
➤ Unlimited vacation days
➤ Remote work
➤ Accounting and legal support required to file taxes
➤ A small team of highly skilled people focused on success