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Having a deep understanding of how versatile the web is and how fast it moves forward in terms of changes and market competition, TSN-Media is aimed to make web development fast, simple and high-quality to be always ahead of the game.

Since 2011 we’ve been providing our clients with all-inclusive, customized web development services turning any complex idea into a reliable and high-quality solution.

Our main focus is to develop the partnership with similar agencies worldwide and support them with cost-effective outsourcing and outstaffing workflow.

Most of our clients are digital agencies from United States, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Germany which focus on such areas:

Web Development;
UI/UX and Graphic Design;
Other services (Outstaffing, Dedicated programmers or teams etc.).
Over a period of 7 years, TSN-Media has performed more than 400 projects. Our expertise allows us to combine cutting-edge information technology with creative out of the box vision. We are looking for the talents like us, with the passion for technology and commitment to creating extraordinary solutions.

We offer:

An opportunity to work with a team of talented people
Challenges for professional growth: personalized, family-like, approach to each developer, his/her career growth and professional development
Company’s interest in employees education: permanent development towards new technologies
Flexible working schedule;
Cozy office and comfortable working climate
Team buildings and corporate events
Table tennis, board games and much more.

Strong and positive interpersonal relationships inside the team are the fundamental foundation of our development.

Therefore, once you become a part of our team, the team becomes an essential part of you as well!