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Варна (Болгарія), Кишинів (Молдова)

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Trueplay is a Ukrainian tech product company where we appreciate transparency in the business processes. Since 2018 we have brought a revolution in clients businesses with the help of blockchain.

Processes inside the company:
— 1:1 meetings with employees, improving both hard and soft skills;
— salary reviews and vacationing without bus factor;
— fully remote, partially remote, office in Bulgaria or Moldova — your choice;
— 20 business days for vacationing;
— overtimes are not welcome but compensated if such happens;
— regular feedback and syncs.

Used technologies:

Front End:
HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js

Java, PHP7, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java, Laravel, Symfony, Python, RabbitMQ, Amazon WS, Docker

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