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Trionika — Follow your DREAM with our TEAM!
Trionika is the organizer & founder.

Our Benefits:
— Exclusively West-oriented projects;
— Stability, as a result of 10+ years’ operations in SEO;
— Unlimited budget for website promotion;
— Opportunity to get shares of a project;
— Participation in SEMPRO and other private events free of charge;
— Result-oriented approach of the company;
— Freedom to implement creative solutions.

Our Mission:
To create possibilities for growth of all company contributors.

Our Vision:
To be a true leader in our niche!

=>We follow this path because it is the most difficult but effective way to bring out our best qualities. Focusing on our strengths, using our positive energy along with our skills helps us accept this challenge because we are ready to.

=>Our Team is worth achieving our goals!

Core values:
PEOPLE — There’s no place for assholes in our Team
SPEED — Success of the whole company depends on the speed of each person
CLARITY — All processes are well organized and clearly documented
PRIVACY — We follow strict rules of confidentiality
THRIFT — We wisely use our resources to ensure our confidence in the future

Permission-to-play Values:
Team player
Proactivity (and speed)
Systematic approach (in thinking and work)

Learn more about us here:


Оценка компании: 99/100

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