Let’s get acquainted! We are TRINETIX — a technology company that helps enterprises and startups globally grow and stay competitive in a digital era. We achieve this by efficiently implementing tech innovation, solid professional expertise, and solution-driven approach.
11 січня 2022

Copywriter (вакансія неактивна)


Hi, and welcome! You are seconds away from reading and learning about our HR Brand Team and Trinetix.

We are so excited and fancying an unknown you that it is a true pleasure to let you know a little more about us, what we do, and why we need someone of your origin and kind.

Through its HR policies, our company supports a lot of continuous growth, learning, and development. As a result, most of our colleagues convert that simple corporate perk to form a habit in self-education, and some even set off seminars, skills-sharing courses, and lectures. We want to make it an even more outstanding practice (sic! so the Ukrainian IT community can network with our experts more). We want to provide assistance and help our champions succeed within that process of knowledge sharing, first internally and then externally (and here, we hope that you like it when you allow people to convey their knowledge in the right and proper form of writing).

Trinetix is arguably one of the rarest IT companies on the market. Many colleagues communicate in English with clients and internally (at least in written memos and compliance-wise). Additional lessons, materials, and events (e.g., webinars and hackathons) help us get very positive feedback in response to that effort. These days with quarantine restrictions, networking does not go that easy; therefore, we actively use rich media to create additional content and share news and updates on company news with our remote teams and colleagues. We raised that bar with English that almost all communication, if not everything we release for corporate events and public activities, is now expected to be done only in English. (Oh, and you definitely can give us a hand with that, right?)

Our HR Brand Team is very skilled and yet young, with guts and opinions. So you should be bright and be ready to win their heart by your pure virtue and creative vision of what’s that what you think is a done-done-done piece of a project. We hope you will create many of those things with us that will be masterpieces. We will be happily sharing and publishing those on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This means that marketing and PR should not be unknown areas of knowledge to you.

Trinetix, as a 10 y.o. company and as a genuine start-up brand wants to become more known and valued by our target auditorium. The IT community in Ukraine rapidly proliferates, opening itself to new challenges and global opportunities, thus setting high demands to IT companies of our kind. We want to be recognized and stand out based on the results of our work, the actual achievements of our teams, and the real essence of team culture. We assume that you have examples of your work (for both: B2B & B2C target audiences) in open sources, as your level of writing must be as good as you yourself should have some good IT background.

If you feel like you are the one to try it with us for the next incredible years, please apply. As long as you will be prepping your portfolio and go through the interviews, we want you to look through some points we forgot to mention above:

  • you will be part of the HR;
  • most of your communication and daily routine will be about collaboration with creatives from the HR Brand Team;
  • in addition to that, there will be discussions and interviews with the brightest technical minds from the rest of the company;
  • resulting in multiple ways, but primarily as presentations, essays, stories, briefs, articles, videos, speeches, and so forth;
  • at Trinetix we always put forward one’s ideas, creativity, and aspirations to teamwork; this means that we expect you to be very analytical, research-minded, and ready to participate in team disputes, design projects, and brainstorm sessions.

Oh, yeah, last but not least, the perks are:

  • latest gear, tools, and software;
  • health insurance with 100% premium covered;
  • flexible vacations & paid time off;
  • sporting events at your option;
  • flexible policy on workplace choice;
  • learning programs;
  • variety of knowledge-sharing opportunities.


Trinetix is a growing IT company of passionate personalities. And it’s not only our offices that people feel happy about — it’s rather doing what you like with colleagues who make Trinetix the company of choice for many years.

Trinetix’s headquarters stand on the left Dnipro riverbank with a stunning view of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra hillside. We are looking for a talented copywriter that can bring dialogued and written content to life in our fast-paced HR Team in Kyiv.