We are breaking down barriers in the football transfer market to enable opportunities everywhere.
We empower football clubs, agents and players to be successful in the transfer market by giving them real-time market intelligence and direct access to a global network of decision makers.
Since our launch in 2017, clubs have used TransferRoom to facilitate over 3000 transfers and we are thrilled that today over 650 clubs across 100 leagues in 60+ countries are accelerating their success on our platform.

Football is the world’s most popular sport and its transfer market is the biggest employment market; opportunity exists in almost every single country of the world. We are incredibly excited by the immense opportunity in front of us and the part we can play in empowering every stakeholder.

Our Story

In 2016, Jonas Ankersen started intensive market research and was meeting sporting directors from football clubs across Europe to discuss their challenges in the transfer market.

It became apparent that the key issue in the transfer market was the lack of transparency and access to credible market information. There was very often no direct line of communication between decision-makers. Buying clubs had no reliable intelligence about which players were available, while selling clubs lacked information about which player profiles the buying clubs were seeking.

When selling a player you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, and when buying you want to be exposed to as many relevant options as possible. This is in essence what TransferRoom is about: more market access and more transparency.

Online marketplaces have transformed most industries and made them more efficient. For years football clubs had restricted access to the transfer market. TransferRoom is now changing this.

Digitizing football’s transfer market

TransferRoom is taking football’s transfer market into the digital age and making football transfers easy.

TransferRoom is a community exclusively for the key stakeholders in the football transfer system.

We empower our customers to be successful in the transfer market by giving them instant access to the best market information and a second-to-none network of global connections.

Our Development Team

We have a diverse, growing Development team at TransferRoom. Some of us have been drawn to TransferRoom by our passion for football and others by the intellectual challenge.

We focus on using the best technologies, our tech stack is exciting to work with, our team use Net 6, Azure, Azue Functions, Azure SQL, React JS with Redux.

As a team we are developing new things all the time to drive the business forward; this is not just a team that does maintenance!

We are focused on progressing our platform with new features and functions and not simply maintaining what we already have.

All of our Dev team work remotely in either Ukraine or Poland. The atmosphere of our team is really important to us, we support each other with daily stand-ups and keep in contact throughout the working day via Slack.

Learning is really important to us at TransferRoom. Everyone is given support to develop skills and each of us has access to a personal learning budget to spend on our professional development.

Being a team is really important. Before the war we organised regular team building trips, giving everyone the opportunity to meet outside of work in settings outside of our normal working environment. Our previous team building trips include Barcelona and Sharm El- Skeikh. While all of this is on hold given the conflict, it is one of the first things we will organise once the war is over.

Supporting Ukraine

TransferRoom stands fully united behind our Ukraine team in the face of the Russian invasion of the country. We were shocked along with the rest of the world with the speed of the events last February and with the scale of the conflict since then.

We no longer allow customers from Russia or Belarus onto our platform.

We have donated to various organizations since the war began totalling over £35,000 GBP in donations to date from big humanitarian aid organizations to smaller grassroots organizations that we know are doing great work.

Ukraine is and will always be our destination of choice for technical talent.

Recruitment process

We run a streamlined recruitment process.

Stage One — Recruiter screen. First stage of the recruitment process you will talk with a member of our recruitment team via Video, giving you a chance to learn more about TransferRoom.

Stage Two — Technical interview with Team Lead covering technical topics as well as giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about TransferRoom and our Development team.

Offer — If all goes well we will reach out to you after the technical interview with an offer to join our team!