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22 ноября 2021 13:26

Constantine C, Life Enjoyer

Hey Reader :)

Yup, you’re damn right — I’m not the person who smashes all the `Like` or `Dislike` buttons neither comments out on every single post on social media.
But there’s something I’d like to share with you.
Currently there’re a huge amount of `Success stories`, `Unicorns`, `A Billion investment` and so on have been published in media. You’ve heard of them plenty of times. Probably some of them are more likely to be truthy and some .... well who knows :)

I was privileged to observe from the inside how Transcenda grew up from 15 up to 120+ people. Which is 9x during just a year and a half....Sounds a bit unbelievable, isn’t it?

Anyway, some people like to consume info about that and some people are willing to be a part of such achievements... If you’re more likely got tired to read about someone else than `The Train` might haven’t left the station yet. The choice is yours ;)


Поддержали:  Serhii Zahranychnyi Alexey Koval


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