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Київ, Варшава (Польща)

We’re a media marketing agency and we help at all stages of your business development. Do you just have an idea? Great, come to us and together we will come up with a name, brand concept, marketing strategy and write a detailed marketing plan. Already have a product but no sales? Do not worry! We are engaged in lead generation and bring you traffic. Satisfied with both the product and the sales, but lacking brand awareness? And again you have come to the right place. Your brand will be at the top of all the media where you want to see it. We bring to the table win-win strategies to ensure performance.

Brand Strategy
You know best about your brand. We will not impose our vision, but we will listen carefully to you, ask the right questions and create a brand development strategy for you.

Traffic Acquisition
We drive traffic. You determine the budget and set up the KPIs. We do the rest of the work. If you want to dive deeper into analytics, we will share all the data. If not, just sit back and get your leads.

Media Marketing
We are good at media. In all media: traditional, new, and even those that you haven’t heard of yet. Just name it and — wow! — you are at the peak.