A team who create products and services for gamers, focusing on high development standards, implementing complex tasks, applying industry best practices, supporting and motivate each other. Collaboration is at our core; we support and uplift one another every step of the way. With a user base exceeding 2.2 million, our projects resonate widely within the gaming community.

Comprising approximately 40 skilled professionals, our team fosters a conducive environment for personal and professional growth. We prioritize continuous learning and offer a myriad of opportunities for skill enhancement and support. Each team member is valued, as we recognize that collective success stems from collective effort.

Furthermore, our values drive everything we do. Integrity guides our actions, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in all our endeavors. Innovation fuels our creativity, inspiring groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of gaming technology. Passion infuses our work, igniting our drive to deliver exceptional experiences to gamers worldwide. Together, we embrace diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the unique perspectives and talents that enrich our team.

🕹️ Let’s play together and let’s play with power!

Benefits. Empower Your Work:

🎮 Remote full-time work from anywhere.
🎮 Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.
🎮 Input on project direction in a bureaucracy-free environment.
🎮 Regular performance reviews and personal feedback sessions.
🎮 18 paid vacation days and 7 sick leave days.
🎮 Extra holidays: every first Friday of the month is a day off.
🎮 Internal events and teambuildings, external events & possibility to attend such epic ones as Major + other.
🎮 Support for professional development, including events, certifications, and educational materials.
🎮 Assisting with the accounting and tax management for individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine and, tax coverage.
🎮 English language and wellness support budgets.
🎮 Anniversary and performance bonuses.
🎮 No time tracking.

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