RENOME SMART is a Ukrainian IT company that creates devices, software and cloud solutions for business.

We are convinced that users all over the world should do their business in a convenient and fast way: from depositing cash to a bank account to ordering and paying for goods online. Therefore, our products automate complex processes, simplify them and free up time for important things. This is our approach, which is implemented by about 500 specialists: analysts, developers, programmers, service engineers, managers and monitoring operators.

At RENOME SMART, we are responsible for the full cycle of development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of our solutions. We focus on functionality, fast integration, and security.

RENOME SMART has been in business since 1991. We develop solutions for accepting payments, processing cash flows, and providing services automatically. We create products that millions of people interact with every day in 20 countries around the world. Thanks to them, financial, logistics and retail companies increase their turnover by a quarter, optimize personnel costs by a third, and solve 35% of malfunctions remotely. Our product line includes ADMs, ATMs, self-service kiosks, parcel lockers, mobile applications, cloud and software systems, and so on.