NATEC is a provider of BSS software development solutions for communications service providers (CSPs). NATEC’s primary offerings include WideCoup BSS solution and MEF.DEV platform, which is a framework that can be used to support incumbent and legacy BSS solutions through wide number of API access points. The solution is built on open architecture frameworks, which CSPs can link to their existing BSS systems. This can help CSPs develop and expand the capabilities of their incumbent solutions bypassing the solution provider, which will help accelerate transformation and lower support costs.

The open processes, swift time-to-market and agility as the primary differentiators of NATEC solution. Open API MEF.DEV platform can reduce concept-to-cash timeframe from months to few weeks, which can lower costs and improve the competitiveness of your business offers. NATEC is a digital transformation partner especially for telcos with large numbers of legacy systems. The MEF.DEV solution is specifically designed to support telecom processes across multiple lines of business.

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