Офер за 1 день в команду BetterMe (Frontend Hiring, JavaScript/React/Redux)

LLC “NATEC R&D” forms a structural part of the NATEC Group companies uniting three companies in different business areas.
Possessing its own production facilities (software & hardware research centers), warehouses as well as available representative sales points in different cities of Ukraine and world, investing into cut-edge technologies, having certified specialists on the staff and among them, experienced telecom engineers, the NATEC Group always welcomes new partners and new business directions and will gladly consider any propositions as to the cooperation in world telecom or cloud market.
The company owns such trademarks as NATEC®, DialExpert®, WideCoup®, and GPS-Navigator®. The emphasis that the company’s shareholders place on the development of boxed software & products, in particular, favorably highlights NATEC solutions among various outsourcing software companies.
At this moment, over 100 consumers have started to use our different telecom solutions, among the NATEC billing solution should be singled out separately as novated BSS solution by digital transformation in the telecom market.

Вакансии NATEC R&D