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Totango is a fast-growing start-up which builds an ambitious cloud application with cutting-edge technologies.

Being founded in Israel at 2010 now Totango has headquarters located in San Mateo, California, US and R&D facilities located in Tel-Aviv, Israel and in Ukraine as well.

Totango leads the exciting new field of Customer Success. We help business pro-actively support their existing clients and reduce churn. Totango’s Customer Success Technology is used by the world’s leading web businesses to retain and grow their customer base. Including leading companies such as Zoom, Monster, SentinelOne, SAP, Panaya, Blazemeter / CA, ClickTale and many more. Our product is used by thousands of Customer Success team members to drive adoption, reduce churn and increase upsell from their customers.

Our Technologies:

Data analytics platform, built with love using the best open source, data crunching technologies: Java & Scala, Elasticsearch, Spark, Luigi, Kinesis/SQS, MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra.

Rich enterprise-grade web application. Built with care using the latest & greatest full-stack Javascript technologies:Javascript, Ember.js, React.js, Node.js, Express, Botkit, HighCharts and many more.

Automated CI/CD environment using Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes (and some Chef). Expect to push code to production every day.

Our service runs on Amazon AWS. We use Autoscaling, ELBs, Kubernetes and many other technologies for a high-performance, secure and reliable service.