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6 січня 2023

Pre-silicon device model SW developer

Львів, віддалено

We’re looking for candidates having proven commercial experience (2+ year) in system/embedded programming, having system debugging and troubleshooting experience with confident knowledge of Linux as a user and enthusiastic about the target area. For more details, please see below.

We offer 4-to-6 weeks guided self-study to get on top of Simics and Modelling basics using DML.

Our client is world’s leading vendor in silicon and SW development.

Successful candidate must be able to: 

  • Study and understand technical specifications and Customer product architecture
  • Study and understand Simics fundamentals:  Simics user and developer documentation, Simics API functions
  • Implement device models according to Simics manuals, hardware specifications and provided design notes under supervision of tech. leads
  • Document model features for user and other model developers using Markdown
  • Use DML (Device Modelling Language) to code modules as requested
  • Use Python to code modules as requested (or)
  • Use C language to code modules as requested (or)
  • Use C++ language to code modules as requested (would be a plus)
  • Understand DML version differences and be able to update model code to the latest DML version
  • Being able to create unit tests for new or updated code
  • Work with Make build system (understanding of device build routine and ability to create/update make-file content) 
  • Know how OS works, what is user mode and kernel mode, the role of drivers, OS boot process
  • Integrate patches according to model development guide
  • Understand CI flow and Jenkins pretest routine (being able to process pretest worklog) 
  • Describe daily workload using JIRA 

The preference will be given to ambitious candidates who assotiate their professional grow path with building an ability to:

  • Create requirements, high-level and detailed design of a functional device model or platform subsystem according to hardware specs
  • Implement platform components without supervision
  • Work with legacy code, understand how to refactor existing code according to updated design
  • Understand system execution flows (reset, PCI enumeration, USB connect etc), know roles of the certain models there
  • Know how different OS work, how to debug kernel and drivers, how to debug user level application using simulators (QEMU, Simics)
  • Understand virtualization technologies, how functional simulators (QEMU/KVM, VirtualBox, Simics) utilize the technology
  • Know UEFI at some level (execution phases, what is EFI driver, application, how to debug UEFI components)
  • Able to take technical decisions on how to implement simulations which execute fast. This involves making the right decisions about simulation abstractions and tradeoffs. Able to optimize simulation execution
  • Provide trainings and supervision to junior developers


  • Stable, full-time and long-term employment
  • Healthy work-life balance and friendly, caring atmosphere
  • Career&proffesionnal development possibilities
  • Good benefit package
  • Cozy office/and possibility to work remotely
  • Team and company events