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17 червня 2022

Senior / Regular QA Automation with Python and Robot Framework skills (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, Одеса, за кордоном, віддалено

The HPC Project Description

Tietoevry is building Scrum teams to develop the software side of an HPC (High-Performance Controller) architecture which will be part of the next-generation vehicles that support a level of AD (Autonomous Driving).

These Scrum teams consist of Architects, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Developers and Testers (highly automated testing is targeted).

HPC Architecture:

The architecture of cars is in the process of change: from a distributed domain architecture with 100 ECUs (Electronic Control Units) in the car to more centralised controllers à HPCs

The Scrum teams will have to focus on individual aspects. For example:

  • Application development
  • Classic AUTOSAR Stack with a safe OS (Operating System) running on a virtual machine for safety-related functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System). Embedded C based
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR Stack with a high-performing OS (Operating System) running on virtual machine infotainment and connectivity-related functions such as Navigation, Audio and Video, Mobile Phone integration, etc. C++ based
  • Hypervisor to enable the virtualisation of the upper layers
  • Base Operating system
  • CI/CD with knowledge of the relevant tools
  • Test and Verification (with the goal of high automation)

The project is a multi-year OEM (Automotive Car Maker) project that will go into SOP (Start Of Production) within a few years. This prestigious project will allow the team members to work on cutting-edge technologies that are important on the path to autonomous driving.

We are looking for interested people who bring experience in Automotive or want to learn and become part of the “Automotive Family”.

Team members can choose the “building blocks” of the system that are interesting to them and be or become a specialist in this area.

About our Company.

TietoEVRY has been serving automotive OEMs and Tier-1s since 2016. We focus on software engineering for Digital Cockpit, ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Connected Vehicles, and Automotive Computing Platforms.

To support forthcoming, exciting projects for innovative OEM automotive platforms (for luxury cars), we’re looking for SW developers who will work closely with customer teams to deliver top-notch solutions.

You will work with experienced SW Architects and SW Developers to learn about various topics like Adaptive Autosar, Functional Safety, Security, SW diagnostics, middleware, and many others.

On this position, You will:

  • Communicate and co-operate proactively with stakeholders throughout the project.
  • Solve unique and complex problems that have abroad effect on the business. Contribute to the development of functional strategy (strategies).
  • Provide technical leadership in a specific area, but can also act as
  • Consults/advise/teaches/mentors in automated testing of a selected type.
  • Consult/advis/teache/mentor in manual testing in a selected domain/customer.
  • Consult/advise/teach/mentor in test management.
  • Test Manager for a bigger team with test strategy formulation, test planning and test team organization.
  • Defends the test results, analysis and recommendations toward the stakeholders. Prioritizes requirements with customers.

We offer you joining the following values of our team:

  • Trust and respect, no cheating on each other
  • Everyone has the right to express their point of view on a situation and propose a solution
  • We value our excellent and long-term relationships as a team
  • We respect the spirit of technological craftmanship
  • We are working on a common goal as a team
  • We don’t expect a lifelong commitment from you; we are not family; we are a team of professionals

We offer you the following terms of employment:

  • Be part of our automotive tribe with a professional community of geeks, contribute to the development of our tribe/community
  • Work in the safe, tolerant and people-centric culture of our team
  • Reliable project/delivery management who will support you in a project works
  • Your personal people manager to help you with any issue you may face during your employee journey
  • No pressure to overtime or tolerate invalid behaviour, even from a customer’s side
  • You can switch projects if you want to try something different
  • Work on the exciting and challenging projects for top automotive Tier1s and OEMs customers
  • Contribute to modern automotive platforms, influence the development of new standards, and contribute to the engineering community
  • We don’t pay the highest salaries on the market, but we offer honest, stable and regular payment with secure employment
  • Annual bonuses/project bonuses as an option for some projects
  • A legal job with an option to work in Private Entrepreneur or Gig Contract models
  • Learn/teach the automotive industry standards and SW development processes
  • Collaborate with multi-cultural teams

If you don’t have detailed knowledge or experience with automotive-specific topics, but you are open to learning, like new challenges — join us. We share the same values.

The technological stack of our current project is following:

  • C++ 14
  • Adaptive Autosar
  • Classic Autosar
  • Java
  • Python
  • ARAXml

If all the abovementioned cause you a positive response, let’s discuss how may we start our collaboration.