Tiebreak Solutions

81...200 спеціалістів

Tiebreak Solutions is part of the Invesus Group with more than 1000 employees around the world, with proven results during the past 10 years.
Tiebreak is a global martech company founded by experts in the fields of fintech technology, online marketing, and customer acquisition. Tiebreak provides tailored and innovative solutions to help companies with complex needs achieving their full potential.

The company is focusing on the delivery of:
-Fully customizable front-end and back-end fintech platforms.
-State-of-the-art marketing systems to publish, manage, track and optimize any type of campaign with any type of ad
-A powerful sales system to optimize every stage of the funnel
-Standalone clearing and compliance systems

We develop a trading platform in the Contract for Difference (CFD) market. With our platform, you can trade with currencies, commodities, indexes, shares, etc....

Offices and partners in Albania, Australia, Malta, Mexico, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Sri Lanka, Israel, and India.