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thePerson is your industry-specific recruiting experts for Ukrainian and European IT market. Quick deadlines, timely vacancy status reports in the best of KPI practices is what we are about. We safeguard your comfort and peace of mind, because you will get your Person, even with time to spare.

Our strategy is to understand your identity, your product, your needs and then pull from our experience in technical expertise, job market analysis and campaign delivery to create strategic recruitment solutions custom-made for you.


● Personalized full life cycle recruiting;
● Strategic sourcing in Ukraine, the CIS region and Europe (Developers, QAs, Product and Project Managers, Sales);
● Customized recruitment solutions for your growing business (consulting on numbers and availability of technical experts, strategies for attracting successful candidates, clear deadlines for closing existing positions, etc.)

● Digital transformation of your business;
● Recruiting in technology, gaming, startups, digital agencies, and more;
● Pre-screening candidates with 80% matching rate;
● Job offer support;
● Location solutions.

Heading tech growth across Software Engineering, DevOps, Data Science/Computer Vision, Information Security, Cloud infrastructure, Information Security, Design, AI, Big Data, eCommerce, Enterprise, IoT, Saas, Product, and IT Infrastructure.

Roles recruited for:
Software developers with different technology stacks, Game industry specialists, System Designers, Network Engineers and Architects, Automated and Manual QA, Project and Product Managers, BA’s and BSA’s

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