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We are the small company with powerful resources. Each our team member is always much more than just developer or designer or marketer or analyst.
We don’t sell hours but build the wise product from inception to launch.
We often work with startup founders which haven’t technical background. From very draft idea.
Better to look at us as your technology partner.

What we do as product launch:
— Competitors analyses
— Market size analyses
— First business concept and monetization model
— Business plan creation
— Research and determine the optimal technology stack for MVP development, using the proven solution
— MVP architecture and development for future scaling
— UI/UX design
— Reasonable balance for unit testing coverage
— Bring the product to a stable production state. -
— Continuous integration, staging/production environment, monitoring, logging, analytics, security, backups, replication.
— Engage the first audience
— Grow feedback, behavior and analyses, KPI-tracking, AB-testing
— Change business concept and monetization model (pivot) based on feedback
— Some investment documents preparation
— Presentations for startup pitching preparation

We are located in Poltava/Ukraine and incorporated in the Netherlands.