The Computer Firm is a Swiss Software Development and UX/UI Design company.

Since the creation of TCF, our ambition is to provide a fulfilling work environment, intended to encourage our team members to develop their interests. The well-being of our team is our first priority. We believe that it is the key factor to the longevity of our company, the quality of our deliveries and our daily enthusiasm.

Our clients

Roche. The world’s largest biotech company
Project: Management web application. The platform can support up to 100,000 users, or all of Roche AG employees.

Fluensetter. Advertiser marketing company
Project: Instagram influencer campaign management platform with the main features: Discovery function, CRM function, Reporting platform.

AERO 41. Startup developing devices for drone control in agriculture.
Project: Software development for ground control station for agricultural drone.

Beemed. The field of medicine in particular orthopedics & related fields.
Project: A community platform for knowledge sharing, medical professionals interact and learn.