The APP Solutions

21...80 спеціалістів

Our company ​​The APP Solutions began its journey in 2014, bringing together a team of top talents, and influential professionals with unique experience, each in their field.

Our services include the development of mobile and web applications but also AI solutions. The main area of our expertise is healthcare.

The work is aimed at the US market and other Western world countries. At the same time, the office is located in Kyiv.

Our culture implies trust in the employee in return, we demand a high level of ownership and execution. We motivate employees with interesting projects, competitive wages with planned revisions, flexible schedules, and the power of cookies 🙂

We never get bored because the team is constantly undergoing qualitative changes. But if you suddenly get tired, we always have the sabbatical option.

Did you see a job that was created for you or you don’t see an open position but think that you can impact our growth? Then, do not delay — write to us, we will be glad to talk!