The Ambassador Platform

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Львів, Бостон (США), Лондон (Велика Британія), Сідней (Австралія)

The Ambassador Platform (TAP) is the market leader in Experience Communication Management (XCM) technology for global education providers. Our product enables 100+ global Higher Ed providers to share an authentic digital insight into what the experience of being part of their institution is really like by allowing prospects to engage directly with ambassadors, through conversations and user-generated content. Every month our platform facilitates tens of thousands of messages between ambassadors and prospects.

Our team, made up of former HE professionals and student ambassadors, international student recruitment experts, and specialist ed-tech developers, has the unique combination of skills to help the institutions harness the potential of the current students and supercharge the student recruitment marketing.

We’re a fun, friendly bunch, who work with universities as partners, providing personalised support and a continuous insight into the ever-changing expectations, habits, and opinions of today’s applicants.