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The classical investment market and traditional financial instruments are outdated and can no longer meet the modern needs of the investor. High taxation of income from classical investments and an unreasonably high financial threshold make it almost impossible for non-professional investors to enter the investment market.

Currently, the cryptocurrency has become a true trend of a decentralized economy. More and more people are able try themselves as traders and participate independently in crypto-financial transactions. Even though cryptotrading is a profitable process, it implies high-risk. To engage in it competently and to get income, one need to have specialized knowledge of classical financial instruments and IT, understanding of the blockchain market, skills for competent market analysis and a lot of free time. Without this basis, the risks of losing everything are unreasonably high.

For this very reason we decided to create TEOZ fund. We have assembled a strong team of experienced financiers, analysts and IT experts. Having an experience of successful investment, we combined the classic investment approach with the crypto industry. Due to the absence of a minimum investment threshold in TEOZ fund, now everyone can enter the world of a decentralized economy with minor risks. This is possible because of the transparency of the blockchain technology and the experience of our experts.

Be cryptosmart!

The main goal of the TEOZ fund is to create a convenient mechanism for generating income from crypto-investment. We are working to make this promising investment tool a mass one, to give everyone the opportunity to enter the world of the digital economy and make it more open and accessible.