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Connecting world class engineers with Sweden’s tech industry 🇸🇪

Telescope in its original form started out as a software company in the late 1990’s, mainly with focus on mobile and embedded solutions. As the years went on our clients started to ask us about specialists to strengthen their own in-house projects, which we of course were happy to help with. Our focus on providing specialists and consultants kept growing and in 2012 the transformation was fully developed and we finally redefined ourselves as being a pure service provider.

We have relocated several hundred engineers since our start in 1999. On an average we relocate 30 — 60 engineers, with families, per year. Please contact us and we will connect you with someone that already made the journey here.

We will find your first home in Sweden, based on your input of requirement. In addition we will provide expat service and assist you with settling in in Sweden.
An employment in Telescope is a permanent contract. If an assignment ends, we have more than 20 persons around the world that will work full time to find the next assignment for you in Sweden. Our ambition is that you should never have to leave Sweden, unless you want to. After four years in Sweden you will have permanent residency.

Telescope is a 100% Swedish company. Although we have staff all over the world working locally around the clock to secure the best engineers possible, our legal entity is Swedish. We adhere to Swedish standards in all aspects of your relocation and employment in Telescope. Your employment contract and conditions will be reviewed both by the Swedish Migration Board and the Union of Engineers. Telescope play by the rules. We are certified by the Swedish Migration Board and we will handle the entire work permit process for you and your family.