We are happy to introduce TEKTELIC Communications, a recognized supplier of best-in-class LoRaWAN™and NB-IoT Gateways, Sensors, End-to-End Solutions, and Custom Applications. We are a company based in Calgary with distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North and Latin America.
10 липня 2024

Technical Project Manager

Київ, віддалено


We are looking for Technical PM to take ownership on two directions:

— High-load, high-availability cloud service,
responsible for processing data from ~0.5 mio devices. (k8s, Kafka, AWS, Java);

— Firmware for IoT devices (STM32, Gecko MCU).

— manage delivery team of senior engineers:
Business Analysts, Backend, Embedded, Frontend Developers, DevOps, QA Engineers;

-maintain close collaboration with technical team in Canada.
(which is responsible for hardware, system design and LoRaWAN base stations).


We expect 3+ years of experience, technical background and relevant projects portfolio. You have curious, critical thinking and proactive mindset.

# Communication

— Fluent verbal and written English is a must.

— You have strong presentation skills.

— You can translate from technical language into common sense and vice versa.

— You use diagrams and visual representation to simplify information.

— You are a very good listener.

— You have certain level of emotional intelligence and can deal with different people.

# Managing Stakeholders

— You have experience of direct interaction with clients (in collaboration with Sales Team).

— You can guide stakeholders to understand problem or need, even if it is not stated explicitly.

# Delivery

— You keep strong ownership for project roadmap and deliverables.

— You are able to equalise new and existing priorities, needs of R&D Team and stakeholders.

— You manage and guide delivery team through all phases of project lifecycle: Initiation, Requirements Analysis, Planning, Development, Production Release, Monitoring.

— You have tolerance to ambiguity and able to make decisions in changing environment.

— You keep tooling, delivery processes and rituals efficient and appropriate (we use Atlassian stack).

— You value Agile principles.

# Problem solving

— You are able to clearly define problem space and use decomposition.

— You know how to create solution space, involving expertise of others if needed.
— You can articulate trade-offs, consider short/mid/long term perspective, etc.

— You follow “good enough solution” principle.

— You ensure your decisions are reducing complexity.

# Team
— You ensure that interaction and communication inside the team is done in professional and ecological way.

— You know strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

— You foster trust, openness and transparency.

# Technical Skills

— You are able evaluate and challenge development team without having in-depth technical knowledge.

— You are able to learn and understand new technical concepts if needed.

— You know how typical cloud application works in Y2024 and what are the main components.

— Coding experience, knowledge of AWS services, security concepts, understanding of embedded systems is a big plus.


— Competitive salary.

— Flexible working hours (start your day between 9:00 and 10:30).

— Remote-first.

— PE accounting support.

— Benefits package, including health insurance from day one.

— Opportunity for career growth.

— Collaborative and innovative work environment.

— Paid vacation, sick leave, and an additional week off during Christmas Holidays.

— Team-building activities and corporate events.

TEKTELIC Communications is a recognized supplier of best-in-class LoRaWAN™and NB-IoT Gateways, Sensors and Custom Applications. Combined, these elements provide a powerful end-to-end solution that can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively deployed to address the most demanding LPWAN IoT challenges.

In addition to IoT, TEKTELIC also develops leading-edge small cell wireless Base Stations, Wireless Backhaul Systems, high power Radios and Power Amplifiers that address 3G and 4G Service Provider coverage and rapidly growing data requirements. Our innovative products include very compact form factor Base Stations, Wireless Backhaul Systems, high power and high-efficiency Remote Radio Heads (RRHs), Shelf Mount Radios (SMR), and Power Amplifiers.