17 червня 2022 18:53

Ihor Stadniichuk

I’ve been working at Teknika as a Talent Acquisition Manager for more than half a year at this point. Honestly, I like it very much here which wasn’t really a surprise to me. Recruiters deal with a lot of different companies throughout their careers, so spotting a great company right from the start is pretty easy.
And Teknika is for sure one of those companies. Very open, honest, and transparent, providing people with a lot of creative freedom and growth opportunities. The company owners are actively involved in the company’s life, caring about people and always listening to everyone’s ideas and opinions first, and often making their decisions based on that, not the other way around (which is quite rare to see these days). Is it perfect? No, because “perfect” doesn’t exist and its definition will be different for every person (depending on their personal needs and preferences), but it sure is pretty close to perfect from my perspective.


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