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I’m working w/ our company for more than a year as of now. I enjoy the passion for delivering good quality products and sincere, trustful communication between everyone. I love the fact, that you can work remote, but also, at any point of time, you will be welcomed to visit the office in Kiev. I love that we listen to each other and help. Not to mention self-improvement and education are kindly supported. Our leaders are IT professionals. They understand and do not let us down. This is bi-directional.
We work fairly ⟺ leaders lead fairly: that’s the formula.

Поддержали: Nataliia GuseinovaAnastasia Teslenko

I enjoy working at Teknika as UX/UI designer. I like friendly atmosphere we have in office, flexible schedule including possibility to work from home few days a week and team spirit of young enthusiastic multinational professionals. We have interesting projects to work on and foreign clients, that allow to improve English and be involved in great products creation. Company really cares to make sure everyone feels comfortable in working space.

Поддержали: Nikita PonomarenkoNataliia Guseinova

I am UI UX designer at Teknika. In this company I have found respect, support and attentiveness to its employees. I don’t feel stressed out working here like it was on my previous job where work totally absorbed my life and there was nothing else aside from work and obligations.
In Teknika we have a great team, often make team buildings offline and online. Also it is a great chance to practice English.
I grow in this company both in professional and personal way.

Поддержали: Nikita PonomarenkoNataliia Guseinova

I am an HR Director at Teknika Corp. Some time ago I was a job seeker and my goal was to find a company where I can be heard, use and improve my skills, employees are respected. I had a lot of questions to the company about corporate culture, management, goals, mission and even about an office during the interview. My greatest pleasure that my expectations became real in Teknika. I feel important for the company and I enjoy our achievements, how things work here, how the tasks complete, how we communicate and I found a big motivation here. We have a great international Team in Teknika. It’s fantastic to work with a happy team and to be a part of the American management.

Поддержали: Nikita PonomarenkoAnastasia Teslenko

I’ve worked at Teknika for 2.5 months so far and it is the best company I’ve worked for. We have interesting projects and I find the management style very respectful. As it is an American company, I also enjoy getting to practice my English and working with international clients. Also, really great coworkers and team members and we learn a lot from each other.

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