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In my humble opinion, working in this company provides many opportunities for those who are looking for a place to develop and implement their initiatives. This is my first time working for an American company, and I want to grow with this company, bring value to it, and expand our staff with great people who love what they do. I also like the openness of communication and the absence of an iron hierarchy and bureaucracy. You will be heard and your opinion will be taken into account. There is an atmosphere of understanding and friendliness.

Підтримали: Nataliia Guseinova

I’ve been working at Teknika as a Talent Acquisition Manager for more than half a year at this point. Honestly, I like it very much here which wasn’t really a surprise to me. Recruiters deal with a lot of different companies throughout their careers, so spotting a great company right from the start is pretty easy.
And Teknika is for sure one of those companies. Very open, honest, and transparent, providing people with a lot of creative freedom and growth opportunities. The company owners are actively involved in the company’s life, caring about people and always listening to everyone’s ideas and opinions first, and often making their decisions based on that, not the other way around (which is quite rare to see these days). Is it perfect? No, because “perfect” doesn’t exist and its definition will be different for every person (depending on their personal needs and preferences), but it sure is pretty close to perfect from my perspective.

I’m payroll admin in Teknika corp. Even though I’m not a technical specialist in company I still see how quickly company grows and what a qualified and great people work in company! Everybody who is result oriented has opportunity to grow and learn new skills. Management of company is very professional, they treat employess with respect and giving opportunities to become high quality professionals. Very honored to be part of the great team!

Підтримали: Polina OnufriichukNataliia Guseinova

I work as a Front end developer in Teknika and it is truly an amazing company with great management and HR.
We have healthy work/life balance and our opinion is always heard and valued.
I work 100% remotely without any issues about organizing my work schedule and I like how we listen to each team member opinion before scheduling a meeting.

Підтримали: Polina OnufriichukNataliia Guseinova

I’m working w/ our company for more than a year as of now. I enjoy the passion for delivering good quality products and sincere, trustful communication between everyone. I love the fact, that you can work remote, but also, at any point of time, you will be welcomed to visit the office in Kiev. I love that we listen to each other and help. Not to mention self-improvement and education are kindly supported. Our leaders are IT professionals. They understand and do not let us down. This is bi-directional.
We work fairly ⟺ leaders lead fairly: that’s the formula.

I enjoy working at Teknika as UX/UI designer. I like friendly atmosphere we have in office, flexible schedule including possibility to work from home few days a week and team spirit of young enthusiastic multinational professionals. We have interesting projects to work on and foreign clients, that allow to improve English and be involved in great products creation. Company really cares to make sure everyone feels comfortable in working space.

I am an HR Director at Teknika Corp. Some time ago I was a job seeker and my goal was to find a company where I can be heard, use and improve my skills, employees are respected. I had a lot of questions to the company about corporate culture, management, goals, mission and even about an office during the interview. My greatest pleasure that my expectations became real in Teknika. I feel important for the company and I enjoy our achievements, how things work here, how the tasks complete, how we communicate and I found a big motivation here. We have a great international Team in Teknika. It’s fantastic to work with a happy team and to be a part of the American management.

I’ve worked at Teknika for 2.5 months so far and it is the best company I’ve worked for. We have interesting projects and I find the management style very respectful. As it is an American company, I also enjoy getting to practice my English and working with international clients. Also, really great coworkers and team members and we learn a lot from each other.

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