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Вільнюс (Литва), Мюнхен (Німеччина), USA

20 квітня 13:32

Oleksii Zaletnyi, Lawyer в Teiva Systems

I have been working for Teiva for more than a year as a lawyer.
I am greatly pleased to working for Teiva.
The highest moral standards and values of Teiva, honesty and integrity of its top managers and the whole team are its exclusively important asset.
I am happy to resolve different tasks and to implement mechanisms aimed at legal support and protection of the company.
Also I have to highlight that Teiva does grant the broadest opportunities for professional growth of its team, including various courses and trainings which are really useful and instructive.
I very appreciate the opportunities to apply my knowledge and experience for the sake of Teiva.

Підтримали:  Oleksii Konakhovych Juliia Golomakh Olha I


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