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до 20 специалистов

As Techxponential, we are part of an ecosystem where we believe the following founding principles:
* Technology is eating the world
* The pace of change and the impact of this change on companies, society and human-being has never been strong before
* The old way of doing business, shaping the organizations, coordinating people to build products/companies needs to change
* The old way of
— long planning cycles
— planning based on the scarcity of the resources
— linear thinking

needs to shift to

— experimentation and data-driven
— “fail fast, reflect on failure and progress fast”
— abundance based
— exponential thinking

* Whoever would agree on these principles should also shift the mindset and bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the table
* We would like to build effective autonomous teams who would like to disrupt their comfort zones to unleash exponential thinking
* We would like these teams to build meaningful relationships with their teammates and their clients based on a common purpose, radical transparency, and truthfulness, idea meritocratic way of taking decisions and continuously motivated learning and progressing in their life and career goals

At Techxponential, we co-build & co-scale products and ventures for ourselves and our clients by disrupting their comfort zones to unleash the exponential thinking, following Lean Principles and most upto date and exponential technologies

Our target client segment includes Local & Multinational corporations, family businesses, Startups, and VCs who believe in exponential methodologies.
We serve our clients mainly on Technology, Product, Data and Marketing domain together with our ecosystem partners.