TechTellent is a fast-growing global IT & Tech company based in Cyprus that values its people and provides a positive work environment. We recruit and retain top IT talent, providing opportunities for growth and advancement to deliver world-class solutions to clients worldwide.
26 вересня 2023 GameDev

Senior Front-End Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


TechTellent is looking for a skilled Senior Front-End Engineer to join our team.

We are a fast-growing global IT & Tech company based in Cyprus that values its people and provides a positive work environment. We recruit and retain top IT talent, providing opportunities for growth and advancement to deliver world-class solutions to clients worldwide.

What are we building?

Single-sourced, multi-branded, highly customizable and configurable, performant, and SEO-optimized entertainment B2C platform, using best CI/CD and DevOps practices.

Your Responsibilities

Join the Front-End team which is building a flexible user-facing Portal with games integration, as well as Headless CMS for Platform Operation. Participate in architectural decision-making and build the platform together with a team of trusted professionals. Be the key who will drive development in the most best-practical way to create the most enjoyable product for customers and witness the rise of the top industry-leading entertainment platform ;)

  • Create rich and complex SSG (Static site generation) solution (Portal website with games integration, Headless CMS).
  • Full development cycle (from accepting business requirements — to delivering changes to production, monitoring, and performance tuning, including all the fun stuff of CI/CD like unit-testing, code review, and feature toggling).
  • Take full responsibility and drive optimization/refactoring projects targeting branding and scaling, performance, quality, development speed improvements for aforementioned project.
  • Closely communicate with team, and other colleagues, provide the best solutions, and influence to the product.


  • Work experience with commercial projects over 4-5 years (specially high-loaded ones).
  • Experience in front-end development targeting mobile and desktop browsers on different devices.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript Core, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3, CSS-in-JS.
  • React/Next.js/Apollo/Material UI/Jest ecosystem knowledge and experience.
  • Functional and Reactive programming experience.
  • Experience in code performance analysis.
  • Experience in SEO and performance optimization.
  • Proven experience in tests creation and other CI/CD practices.
  • Experience in code review, refactoring, team mentoring, cross-team communication skills.
  • GitLab, JIRA, Confluence.

Nice to have

  • Experience in applying multi-branding concepts for a single cross-platform product.
  • Experience in Node.js, Strapi, Apollo Federation/Apollo Studio, MobX, Protobuf, Immutable, Lodash, Storybook, CSS-in-JS,, Rushjs, or similar monorepo solutions.
  • Experience in
  • Experience with Jamstack.
  • Experience with Nginx, Docker.
  • Experience in Webpack, pnpm.

Soft skills

  • Mentoring and knowledge sharing skills.
  • Сommunication skills.
  • Ability to maintain written communication in English.
  • Be ready to take responsibility for your technical decisions.


  • People-driven team
  • Variety of technologies
  • Developing innovative software products
  • Clients worldwide
  • International team of talented people
  • Possibility to deliver services from any location
  • Interesting tasks and projects
  • Balance between routine and developmental tasks
  • Compensative English lessons