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Nataliia Yefimenko, Executive assistant

I had an extremely weird experience working in this company. The company is testing their future employees with all possible precision — several interviews, IQ tests, Excel and Presentation tasks. The first time I felt something was weird — when on my last interview with HR where I was supposed to meet CEO so we can discuss our future cooperation — the CEO Steven Rudik joined the call but he was only listening, not talking and the HR lady with whom I spoke before explained me that the CEO is usually only listening to the candidates. So I am thinking to myself — wait — how am I supposed to work for the person (as he supposed to be my direct manager) if he is not talking to me at all?

So the interview passed, the company sent a job offer to me, I have signed it and we started our journey together. According to the contract, the first 40 hours of introduction were not paid, starting from the 41st hour — the company must pay.
I have studied all the introduction materials, passed the tests on the highest scores and was ready to start working. I was waiting for several days for somebody to give me the task — I was asking onboarding specialist, establishment manager, they were tagging CEO in our chats — but nobody replied. On the third week of my “work” I have asked again onboarding specialist to clarify my situation, so that day the CEO finally appeared and gave me the task. We started communication and he was extremely RUDE and HUMILIATING in his messages. That moment I understood we won’t be able to work together. I also understood why he was silent at the interview — if he said something — I would know back then I don’t want to work at this company. The next day I contacted HR and asked her advice — how should I finish my work in the company according to internal procedures — got the answer that the message I have sent to her is already enough and no need to do nothing. My next question to her was — how can I get paid for 1 week I have worked in the company. In 2 minutes they CUT my access to the company soft. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS??
My last question I repeated to the establishments manager on LinkedIn — the answer was: according to the company procedures the employee that is working in the company less than 2 weeks is not paid.
Dear TechStudio Management — I was signing the contract, and not some internal procedures you are talking about.

According to the contract you have to pay me 1 week of service! (and btw, I declared that I am leaving on the 15th day of working, so technically it was more than 2 working weeks).
I have also contacted ladies who used to work on this position before me — just to understand maybe I am doing something wrong. But the lady told me that her experience there was strange too, she used to work there for 3 month and she was always asked to do some different from Executive assistant position tasks.


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Natalya, thank you for your feedback.

However, there is something to clarify.

Our company has always been honest and fair with our contractors and we always pay for the services provided. However, in your case, the situation is different. The CEO of the company gave you an assignment (the very first real task after the training) and expected you at least ask questions if something wasn’t clear. However, neither there were any any additional questions from you to make the tasks clearer, nor there was any valuable result from the day length of work . And at the end of the day, when asked about the result, you said — what result did you want?

We do not expect out employees to stay idle during several hours waiting for something. We expect actions, questions and self-motivation to work, not “introductions to CEO’s personal chat” you expected to get the answer for.

You were warned about the termination payment procedure in the company in advance during Onboarding process, in the first place.

Our contract describes the exchange of the payment for the result (services) of the Contractor. Since the result of your work was zero, the payment is the same. By continuing the training you agreed to the terms, they were not hidden.

In any case, we wish you good luck in your future work experience.

Hi, Ekateryna.

Thank you for your answer. Not really helpful.
Your CEO was practicing micromanagement, he did not reply on any of my comments and mails. He did not approve my schedule at all — by that time he had to do that twice.

And yes, your company is NOT honest and fair.
I have signed the contract, not the procedures.
According the contract the company has to pay.

I just wasted 15 days of my life for your company,
if I knew your CEO is such a “professional” — I would never accept your offer.

Just a warning for your future applicants.
Thank you.