TIW / Technologies Improving the World

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TIW AG (Technologies Improving the World ) is the innovative company oriented to development of the most prospective ideas in IT industry with the greatest social potential.

One of the key objectives that TIW AG sets is to create a positive vector of today’s world development by means of own solutions.

By constant development and support of its own research and development team TIW AG can provide them with a wide range of opportunities to implement their boldest ideas.

In development of its ideas TIW AG is oriented to ordinary people the comfort and usability of which are the key points at each stage of the product creation.

A range of innovative IT products are being developed for the whole world. In future they will play important parts for every person on our planet.


The TIW’s mission is to direct all the scientific progress, powers, and resources that we have to making the world a better and simpler place.

Devotion and loyalty to mission create the specific behavior style for TIW since the innovative technologies the company is driven by need open mind and clear goal orientation.

The goal of TIW AG is to make the world more comfortable and interesting, to enable real benefits for people from new technologies; it is to combine the newest technologies and accomplishments in order to satisfy all the social needs of the person.