TechMagic — компанія, що за 8 років об’єднала понад 250 професіоналів по всій Україні й за її межами та 5 років поспіль входить в TOP-10 роботодавців ІТ у Львові за рейтингом DOU. Ми фокусуємось на розробці з використанням JavaScript-стеку.
21 червня 2022

Senior Node.js Engineer (welcome bonus 5000$)

Львів, віддалено

This position is open in the Center of Excellence department at TechMagic. You’ll be involved in different projects at their early stages, have a chance to work with different domains and clients, and use only the newest technologies which you prefer.

We’re looking for a strong Back-end oriented engineer who wants to work in a team of highly skilled JavaScript engineers and doesn’t afraid of complex technical solutions.

Also, you’ll have the possibility to become a Solution Architect in the nearest future.


  • 3+ experience with Backend development (Node.js)
  • Strong ability to learn new things in a short time
  • Ability to describe any complex ideas/solutions to technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Good experience with relational and non-relational databases
  • Upper-Intermediate spoken and written English
  • Desire to work primarily with AWS cloud


  • Hands-on AWS experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, ECS or EKS
  • Experience in frontend development
  • Public speaking experience
  • Certifications (AWS, Nodejs)


  • Start new projects as TechLead, Senior (3-6 months involvement)
  • Feasibility study for non-trivial solution (Sentimental analysis, IoT, ...)
  • Discovery Phase
  • Technical consulting for new leads. Company expertise presentation
  • Support for sales and marketing (Serverless, AWS partnership, public speaking on tech events..)
  • Support on existing projects (development, management, business analysis, hiring)
  • Public speaking on tech events in Techmagic and Ukraine (e.g. Make Serverless, AWS User group, MagicJS)
  • Mentorship
  • Internal RnD (development internal projects, exploring new technologies or processes)

center of excellence (COE) is a team of senior tech experts who conduct research on strategic tech trends, maintain top quality standards, foster professional development, and can provide you with expert consulting throughout the whole development process.

The CoE helps our clients to perform a Product Discovery Phase, build a prototype, and validate a product concept. The experts provide a client with a High-Level Architecture plan, the suggested technology stack, the design of the product, time and cost estimates, consulting, and a Work Breakdown Structure.

Furthermore, CoE provides tech assessment and consulting in case of a bottleneck or a non-trivial problem on existing projects.