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22 ноября 2021 Первая работа

Trainee JavaScript developer


Необходимые навыки

-Technical education in Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Information Security or related (might be incomplete).
-The level of English — at least intermediate.
-Possibility to study and after that to work full-time (8 hours).
-Would be a plus any experience of programming (might be non-commercial) and examples of your code at GitHub.

You should have your own computer for the test and educational period.


— Opportunity to work with the most trending JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Node.js).
— Strong JavaScript community at the company (60+ developers...).
— Great environment for self-development: tech talks, trainings, English classes (50% compensation).
— Coverage of professional event and certifications.
— Modern office with rest zone, growing library of latest business literature and own football team.
— One of the best places to work in Lviv (based on DOU rating).

О проекте


— REGISTER via this link for the course (applications will be accepted until December, 22 2021, 19.00 o’clock)
— Pass the online test. It includes the technical part and checking your English level.
— HR interview — a short live conversation with our recruiter for the cultural fit with our company.
— The first part of the course — candidates with the best results of the passed test will be invited for 1 month online education — it’ll include few lectures and practical home tasks.
— Technical interview — interview with our JavaScript mentors.
After a month of education and technical interview, the best students will get a job offer from a company.
— Other students, whose results will be lower will have a chance to continue studying during a 1 month practical internship.
— Job offer — to those who will finish the practical part with high results.

Lecture month starts in the end of January