12 листопада 2021 12:44

Alexander P

It’s difficult to describe TechMagic in a couple of sentences but I will try. One of the things that stands out from other companies is that people here really care about you, they care about your growth, they care about your mental health, about what drives you. You will be handled a great amount of freedom on how you want to approach things. I was able to run several initiatives which the company supported and helped them to grow and become normal practices.

Also the company is constantly improving it’s internal and external processes. From social package improvements, to improving of process inside the company.

The Founders are very open minded, they will hear you out and definitely support you in your ideas. It’s a workplace where it’s super power are it’s people. Not only that I work with professionals but I also work with very pleasant folks, this just describes the culture in the company. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out.

TechMagic is something special.


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