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Hello! We are Techery! We handcraft beautiful Web and Mobile applications for everyone from startups to multinational corporations. Techery goes beyond the formal definition of a company. We are a team, and every team has common goals and beliefs. We care about what we do as well as about how we do it.
13 октября 2017

Middle/Senior iOS Engineer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Днепр $1500–3500

Hello everyone!

We are Techery and we create cool mobile and web applications.

We are engaged in consulting and product development, helping customers turn ideas into solutions, plus we create own projects.

Our projects range from small, but very difficult from a technical point of view, such as crowdmics.com to the social network with millions of users. We focus on complex solutions so customer is always confident in the quality of the application and developers enjoy working with the code and can be proud of themselves and their team. We are engaged in projects which we are interested in, so there’s no 2-month Odesk mobile applications;)

We are looking for developers which want to create really sophisticated mobile applications. The tasks we do require us to a constant search for the right architectures and approaches to application development. It is impossible to create high-quality mobile application if the project has a controller for 2k rows and no unit tests. If we cannot find existing solutions to our problems — we create and publish them in open source. You can find many of them on our GitHub github.com/techery .

Here’s what you need to know to become the part of our team: you have to be skilled in object oriented design and write high-quality code, which means there’s no need to explain to you what SOLID, OOD, DDD, and design patterns are. Do you know what is MVVM, MVP, DI, CI, TDD? If so, we are interested in talking to you. Most of our projects use Objective-C at the moment but we start new ones with Swift usage.

Each developer must have an excellent knowledge of the language he uses. If you are applying for the position of Senior Developer you must not only know how to use Objective-C and Swift, you should also know how it works from the inside.

If you want to participate in the mobile project with 50+ people in the team to face the complexity and scalable Facebook level architecture, we are waiting for you.

. Вы откликнулись на эту вакансию.
Представитель компании получит уведомление и свяжется с вами через какое-то время.
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